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It all started when...

It all started with a dream over twenty years ago; To open a coffee shop that was different and offered something people would be intrigued by. After touring coffee shops and engaging ourselves with industry knowledge, we knew we had to bring something that wowed even the most experienced coffee enthusiast. With many years of research, development, and countless cups of coffee, we finally made it to Ocala, FL.

We do not want to stand out, we want our coffee to stand out. This is vital to the success of our shop, and there are many variables that make this happen.

First comes passion. We believe passion equates to quality. If we are not passionate about what we do, then our work suffers and we are not be able to achieve the quality we strive for. Second is sourcing great coffee from people who are as passionate as we are. It is easy to get caught up in the culture of specialty coffee but if your shop and roasters do not share the same passion or quality, you will watch your business join the multitude of failed coffee shops. This is why we chose Bold Bean Coffee Roasters of Jacksonville, FL. Their passion comes through very clearly in their roasting and shared knowledge. They put in the time and effort necessary to produce a quality product and we are confident that within hours of their roasting we will have a fresh high quality bean to brew and serve to our guests. Third is the knowledge and training of our staff and baristas. We spend hours of training and tasting coffee. Learning everything from the farm to the cup is a vital part in what we do. This ensures that our guests can learn and enjoy some of the knowledge that we are so passionate about. It also lets the customer know we can help them choose the best beverage for them. Lastly our equipment. We take pride in the equipment we use to brew the perfect cup of coffee for our guests. Everything from the Espresso machine, grinders, slow bar brewing vessels to our Acaia scales for precision weight. We offer six different brewing methods at our slow bar. Our guests can choose the right brew for themselves and knowing that our baristas are taking the time to make sure your cup of coffee is fresh and right for you.

We feel that every customer is worth the time and effort in what we do. We want to make sure you experience coffee like its meant to be, and not just consume a caffeinated beverage. This is why we recommend keeping the coffee as pure as possible and we do not add any fluff or syrups to the coffee. Our coffee stands out for a reason and doesn’t need any additives, however we do offer a very limited selection of homemade syrups. We strive to protect the integrity of the flavor notes that coffee produces based on its origin and natures elements.

We have created an atmosphere in our shop that is inviting to all ages while letting you take your time to hook up a computer, enjoy free wifi, or even read a book while you experience a great cup of coffee. Of course sharing your experience with friends makes drinking coffee even better.

Enjoy a crêpe while you are here for breakfast, lunch or dinner. We offer a wide selection of Crêpes from sweet to savory. You are assured to find something that will satisfy your appetite.


We would like to thank you in advance for visiting with us and remember… always drink great coffee.


We take pride in our team of baristas and
crêpe artists. Paying attention to detail and
giving our guests the best experience they deserve
is our daily strive.


Sourcing quality beans and meticulously crafting every cup to share the experience of exceptional coffee.


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