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Ethiopia remains the cultural mecca for coffee lovers across the globe.

Many of us dream of traveling the world and experiencing all that it has to offer. From touring the Pyramids of Giza to enjoying crepes in Paris, there’s no limit to the exciting things you can do while abroad. For us coffee lovers, nothing would be sweeter than partaking in traditional Ethiopian coffee.

In a video for Migrationology, host Mark Wiens takes some time from his day to experience true Ethiopian coffee.

Roasted Ethiopian Coffee Beans
Freshly roasted Ethiopian coffee beans

Wiens’ stop is in Addis Ababa, the capital and largest city of Ethiopia. In the video, Wiens explains that while traveling throughout the city, the scent of freshly roasting coffee is inescapable. Glorious aromas of medium-dark roasts waft into the streets for all to enjoy. 

Wooden Mortar and Pestle
Wooden mortar and pestle

“Coffee is something that will never let you down in Ethiopia. And walking down the street, you’ll get blasted by intense, smokey clouds of freshly roasting beans,” says Wiens. “The aroma alone is enough to make you stop everything you’re doing and drink a few cups.”

The Ethiopian coffee brewing process

Wiens decides this is something he simply has to try. He reveals that the green coffee beans first roast over a bed of hot charcoal to perfection. After cooling, the shop owner takes the roasted beans and then grounds them into powder using a wooden mortar and pestle. She scoops the grounds into a traditional Ethiopian clay coffee pot, known as a Jebena. Finally, she places the Jebena atop the charcoal to brew.

“That is one of the absolute joys of Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee,” says Wiens elatedly after savoring his coffee.

Ethiopian Jebena Coffee Pour
Ethiopian Jebena

Wiens was able to enjoy his coffee for a mere .30¢ per cup, a far cry from the luxury cost we employ here in the States. Needless to say, we’re envious of the experience.

Wiens relays how the coffee is “so good… It almost tastes like chocolate.” as he enjoys his second cup.

Mark Wiens
Wiens enjoying his Ethiopian coffee

Nothing quite beats the opportunity to enjoy traditional cuisine in the place of its origin. The wisdom of ages passes down, one cup at a time, from guest to guest. There’s no doubt that Ethiopia has some of the best coffee in the world. If you ever receive the opportunity, you should go and experience it for yourself.

But in the meantime, we hope you’ll come to try our freshly roasted and brewed Ethiopian coffee, right here in Ocala, FL.

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Vlogger Enjoys Traditional Ethiopian Coffee in Addis Ababa

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