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Coffee has been enjoyed by billions for centuries and stands tall as the second most consumed beverage in the world.

Have you ever considered the origins of coffee? Not where it’s from, rather when and how it came about? Has our beloved morning pick-me-up simply always been around? Or was its inception more recent? Also, how was it discovered? Furthermore, who first decided to make a drink of roasted beans? In a cool new video from Explore Mode, we find out all these things and more. 

Coffee History
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We enjoy our coffee every day. Sometimes even twice or more. Because of its distinct flavor, warm sensations, stimulative properties coffee has gripped the world. The fresh wake-up it offers and boosts in productivity keep us coming back time and again in our hours of need.

Coffee has somewhat of a murky past. Its exact origins are unknown, as there are two similar, yet distinct tales as to how it first came into man’s service. 


One tale tells of an Ethiopian goatherd who first noticed his goat’s hyperactivity after consuming the berries of a nearby bush. Curious, he tried some and experienced the energizing benefits for himself. After a local monk rejected the beans tossing them into a fire, the intoxicating aroma captivated the pair. The now roasted beans were fished out and ground into water. Viola. Coffee.

Ethiopia & Yemen
Image Courtesy of Explore Mode

The competing story tells of a banished healer in Yemen who, while starving, consumed the berries as food. Taken aback by their bitter flavor, he roasted, ground, and then added them to boiling water to improve their palatability and coffee was born.

While coffee is native to Ethiopia, our oldest evidence of coffee consumption hails from Yemen, so this one is a toss-up. But, we sure are glad it was discovered regardless.


Since then, coffee has gone on to enrapture the world. It comes in many varieties. It is served in countless ways. Each cup is an expression of the barista and consumer. Its consumption is an ever-growing industry that looks to continue as long as there are those around to enjoy it.

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The Origins of Coffee

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