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Since 1993 Cafe Imports has been providing the highest quality beans to shops the world over.

Our partner Cafe Imports, run by Andrew Miller, can always be counted upon to assist in supplying the product you’ve come to know and love.

Aromatic. Full-bodied. Rich. Smooth. Whatever the pallette, we strive to serve delectable coffee consistently and perfectly. But, we could not do it without our sourcing partners.

They are the backbone of our industry. They travel to the remote villages of the world, cultivating relationships and striking deals, in order to hand-select the finest beans nature has to offer. 

Cafe Imports is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota with warehouses across the globe, including; Australia, Europe, and North America. They specialize in sourcing the highest-quality green coffee from around the world.

Coffee Plant

Their Mission:

“Bring to the global market the highest-quality green coffees in the world by sourcing, developing, and innovating at origin, while empowering farmers with price, traceability, and long-term partnerships.

Consistently exceed customers’ expectations of the specialty-coffee buying experience with exemplary service.

Spread our passion for great coffee through education and example from the farm to the roaster, retailer, and ultimately to the cup.”

Their adventure started in 1993. Like most businesses, they had humble beginnings.

Initially, Miller’s friend Jose Vido was looking to import beans from his father in Brazil. Miller began by assisting Vido in crafting a business plan. However, he later jumped on board after learning that he and his wife were expecting a child!


I borrowed $70,000 from my mother-in-law, and Vido and I bought a container of coffee from Brazil.

Since then, their operation has expanded. It now includes a plethora of clients and dozens of source farms from countries such as Thailand, Colombia, Kenya, Costa Rica, and more!


A Proud Partnership

In conclusion, we here at Symmetry are proud to partner with Cafe Imports. Without their quality contribution to our craft, it would be impossible to do what we do. Our art is a delicate one, and every bean counts. With Cafe Imports, we know we can depend on a quality product for each and every roast.

Visit us in Ocala, FL to try for yourself the difference quality sourcing makes.

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Our Sourcing Partners: Cafe Imports

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